Andrea Bannuscher


How it started ...


I’m Andrea and passionate about food: buying, cooking and baking – and eating of course – that’s most important!

More a vocation than a hobby, it began when I was as a child. When most twelve-year-olds looked forward to going to a park to play, I would get excited about going to the market to shop for groceries, planning meals and helping in the kitchen. 

To cultivate my enthusiasm, my grandparents allowed me to prepare and cook their Sunday lunches. Most of the time, my creations were a success, mostly. On occasion, well, let’s say they were learning experiences though no one ever said otherwise. Through the highs and lows they kept eating and encouraging.

Even now, my favourite day of the week is Saturday when I go to the local farmers market to see what the season has on offer. It’s thrilling to find fresh produce and transforming it into something delicious. I love trying out new recipes and new techniques, using the classics as inspiration while adding my own inspiration.

Over the years I’ve been able to develop my skills, take some risks and have been sharing my cooking with family and friends from simple coffee and cake afternoons to unhurried weekend lunches, to both intimate and elaborate dinner parties.

At KologneKitchen you’ll find a collection of my favourite recipes, ideas and signature dishes. By sharing them with you I hope you’ll be inspired to make something of your own and that you’ll enjoy them as much as I do.

Happy cooking!